Since 2015, we have successfully managed a team of 30+ merchandizers across KSA, with work including:

DATA SENSING:Sellout by SKU,Shelf Share by Category & SKU,Promotions with Price Tracking,Flagship Tracking.

ONGROUND ACTIVITY TRACKING:Display Fixture Tracking,In Store Communication,New Launches,Update Shop List (Report Shops Closed/ New Shops).

PRODUCT DISPLAY MANAGEMENT:POP/ POSM, Product Cleanliness,Content Management,Connectivity ( For Live Displays),>Branding,Flagship Display Mgmt. and Reporting.

OTHER RESPONSIBILITIES :Voc / Vod,Relationship Building with Store Owner / Manager,Reporting Golden Location Displays,Special Task During New Launches.

DATA ENTRY SCOPE OF WORK :Generates the required reports,Cross-check data while being entered. In case of any illogical numbers, they directly coordinate with the supervisors for answers.

Reports in which Data Entry Handling Includes:Sellout & Shelf Share,On-Ground Promotions & Flyers,Price Elasticity Reports,TV Prices Report,Flagship Reports,Issues & Opportunities,Weekly Meeting Report,Adhoc Reports (Retail Census, Special Campaigns, Shop Profiles, etc).